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The AT just won't let go

August 15, 2017
Worcester, MA

I thought I was done this year.

Done enough that I was considering just stopping forever. Who needs it. The pain, the endless miles of trees, rocks, roots, twerping birds. Enough already.

But being home, its easy to reflect that only 30 miles remain to stitch a ragged line from Georgia to the north west corner of Massachusetts. Just need to do 30 more miles.

I can do that. Doesn't seem that bad. I'll wear earplugs more.

So with that, I am returning this weekend for those missing miles in Connecticut, hiking over three relatively leisurely days, and if successful will leave just 600 miles left on the AT to do. My stalwart shuttle companion, Dad aka Burt, will provide transportation to and from the Trail.

And that would close off my 2017 AT adventure.

Yes, there's more.

Gabe, aka Hermes (2014) and Sketch (2016) has returned from his European home with the goal of hiking Vermont's Long Trail. The LT goes from the Massachusetts border to Canad…

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