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Starting out 2017

Friday, May 12th, 2017 Boiling Springs, PA AT Backpackers Campsite (1125)

Dad drops me off at spot about 1/10th of a mile from where I stopped last year, due to last year's location being on a busy state road. After going the wrong way in Massachusetts in 2015, take time to get oriented correctly before getting bag on. Modest equipment adjustments, picture, hugs, and off on Trail. I'm close to giddy. It's unintended; just seeing the trail and the forest open up is just, inspiring. 

Have to do close to 10 miles today and 15 tomorrow, more than I'd like but it's geography. From Boiling Springs to the next campsite - a shelter - is 15 miles, and no camping is allowed between. 
Today's hike is cool and overcast, with modest elevations. Trail is rocky in parts but manageable, including needing to scootch up a couple larger rocks. Run into three day hikers and a section hiker from New Jersey. That hiker, R.T. Has done New Hampshire south to where we stand talking. I ask a…

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