Excuse me, you built your hut on the trail

This morning I was determined to try Oxbow again, and was out the door like a kindergardener on the first day of school. I soon realized I was acting more like an eighth grader, having left my wool hat, gloves, and coat at home.

Rather than return, I figured this would be a good chance to try hiking with just a base and fleece, no coat, and using my base merino socks as mittens.

The weather is somewhat warmer today, hit about 30 when starting, and once a half mile or so into the trail, was perfectly warm. The trail was just as much a pain in the buttocks. Hard, icy, pot holed by prior hikers and worn smooth by cross country skiers. But better prepared today and suffering no injury for a second time because of these conditions.

Last time on this trail, I had noticed what appeared to be a pile of sticks and mud on the path. Stopping this time realized that it is in fact a beaver house, built right on the trail.The beaver was likely in there, setting down a cup of hot cocoa, thinking "there goes another dang clanking human."

Note the walkway-bridge to the right in this picture, and the trail leading to it.

Again, completed six miles in just under two hours with was a slightly heavier pack. The hydration system worked like a champ this time. I consumed about a liter of water on trail and another liter before starting and I think this helped with recovery today, which was easier.

Weather is supposed to creep into the 40's this weekend, so hoping the ground will be just warm enough to set up the tent for an overnight test.


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