The beginning of the beginning

Over the last year have been trying to figure out what to do "next", to find new meaning for a life that still has many miles ahead of it, but without a clear path forward.

The possible answer came from an unexpected direction. While talking to my older son Joe on the phone in November about this dilemma, he began reflecting on the benefits of his cross country bike ride last summer, of having long time to think about what was important to him. Yes, he was alone, and frequently lonely, but that time alone really helped propel him to the next part of his life.

That somehow twisted into my long time but almost forgotten desire to hike the Appalachian Trail. As a 20-something, this notion was almost my young self telling my older self to do something large and physically meaningful and difficult when older. To renew physically and mentally at a stage of my life where both might be at risk.

The more I have thought about this, about actually doing the Trail, the more focused and excited about the possibility I have become. Deb and I have talked and she enthusiastically supports this journey – I am grateful to have her. But there's still a lot to do and agree on before starting the five million step walk.

The comic Stephen Wright once said "Anywhere is within walking distance, if you've got the time.”

We'll see.


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