Brief Update

I haven't gone to sleep here, just haven't had much new to say.

Starting to get some more family interest in joining on the trail some where. Uncle Dickie yesterday, Uncle Doug and family today. Joe, oldest son, is "committed" but we have to coordinate where to meet which might be a challenge. Would love to have company on the trail, but need to figure out how much without slowing down too much. Need to be in Maine by mid-October.

Starting to let friends know, since I have started growing a scruffy pre-trail beard and need some explanation as to "why". Will be glad to have their support and Deb might use their help as well.

Did two other hike/walks this past week. Another run through OxBow with a 22 pound pack, but only went about four miles as the trail was pretty heavily snowed in, and a second walk today of 9.1 miles without a pack - like last weekend. Both were comfortable, and am finding my recovery times are improving, especially if well hydrated before starting.

Am using "MapMyHike" app, the cousin to the "MapMyRide" app used last summer to track bike rides. Sits on my Iphone, and you don't need to use your data plan to track yourself (just ignore their request to turn your data on before starting). Gives a pretty good summary of each hike.

Leave home five weeks from tomorrow, and on the trail the next day. Still lots to do, including getting final clothing and food bits figured out, and a whole host of things to do around the home.


  1. I am hoping to create/knit your sleeping socks. Wool of course


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