Camera Test

Did another hike in Oxbow yesterday, and brought along my small, light video camera for a test. This is in high definition, so best viewed full screen.

The camera is here. It is REALLY light, the review says "flimsy", and there's a risk its too fragile for an extended hike. One advantage is its is chargeable through a USB cable, meaning three of the four electronic items (IPad, IPhone and camera) would be chargeable with one method. The only non-rechargeable item is an LED head lamp, which should last one to two weeks before needing new batteries.

We have heavy snow coming in today, and am hoping to make another try on Monadnock on Sunday, if the trail is passable.

Items are still coming in but we're down to the short list at the moment. Decided to get a pair of base leggings given the weather variability in the south this year, and my stuff sacks came in as well. They may be too small.

Got some micro crampons for the boots, at Deb's insistence, perhaps because while hiking Monadnock last time had told her about slipping on the icy trail.

Also signed up to be a tester for New Trent as part of buying my battery charger from them, and the first item to be tested is a rugged cover for my iPad Air.  Should arrive today.


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