Getting nearer

Hard to believe its been a week since posting anything. Been busy.

Have spent time trying to get my final pack list together, and then how to organize it for the backpack, or to wear. Need to figure out how quickly I might need each item, then where it should be.

"Accessibility" is pretty simple, that being able to find something:
within a minute
within 5 minutes
within 15 minutes, or
Within a minute items include my tent, or trail guide; whenever includes trash bags or spare mylar water bottles.

"Position" is more complicated:
Pack Top, Exterior
Pack Top, Interior
Right side, mesh pocket
Left side, mesh pocket
Interior, water bladder panel
Interior, main panel
Interior, sleeping bag panel
Back, center panel
Hip belt, right
Hip belt, left
On poles

Currently tracking 73 items, and still expect my base (before consumables) weight to be 22-23 pounds and trail weight (with consumables) to be around 30 - 32.  Trying very hard to avoid adding more items at this point, but its difficult.

Realize when I stop walking I need something OTHER than boots to sink into, and after resisting this decision to save weight, chose the trail's default option - Crocs. Relatively light, comfortable (hopefully), and can leave them outside pack while walking, or tent when sleeping, saving valuable interior space. Also got one more dry sack, and am struggling to figure out whether to get gaiters or not. May just make that call on the Trail.

Continue to practice, and so, a new video... its in High Def, so watch full screen.


  1. I love Crocs! If you have a dishwasher you can wash on top shelf.


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