We had our third snow storm yesterday of the last 10 days, each dropping 6"+. Our yard is just about hip deep. But I don't regret it at all, living in a place with four unique and beautiful seasons is part of what makes living here great.

Today did two 2.5 mile circuits through Delaney, but as with a hike last week in Stow, the trails were pretty heavily covered. Made an intentional effort to focus on breaking through lightly or unused paths to get practice in about 8" - 16" of snow of varying denseness. This is my first pass through this section following what may be dog tracks or perhaps a coyote.

Still looking at a March 17th departure to Georgia. Going to take Amtrak down, in part because I find trains relaxing but also to provide better control over my backpack; which contains my house, bed, cookware, clothing, and entertainment for the following (hopefully!) six months. Last thing I need is for it to get damaged or go missing in transit.

Its snowing again now...


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