16 days and counting

Have to admit that like others prepping to do this year's AT as a thru hike (plenty of people have blogs at Trail Journals), its getting to the point where the scope of this trip is sinking in. Probably most concerning on these blogs are the number of people who get on the trail, and within a day or three, quit. Its more than they thought, the climbs harder, its hard to sleep, the pain in joints and muscles long ignored or under trained. Gulp! Can I survive where they can't?

I am literally spending four to eight hours a day trying to get ready. Yesterday was spent weighing each and every item that will end up in the backpack, or on my back, and logging it in to a spreadsheet to help reduce any weight possible. Bring a whole roll of toilet paper when a fraction of that will last days? Done. Bringing soap (while others don't) means a 1/5th of a pound when reducing to half that much should last for several weeks. Done. Two Snickers bars versus four? Done.

I expect to resupply - buying food, fuel, equipment - on the trail, but there's a wave of hikers, like locusts, who descend on the trail in March and wipe out food supplies along the trail in Georgia. The further north you go there are larger towns and supermarkets, so this situation is temporary, but something else to plan for. So spent part of yesterday creating food packages for trail entry, and the first two mail drops in Georgia.

For physical practice, returned to Mount Monadnock today for another run to the summit. With 1,800' of elevation in about two miles, this hike is - at least on paper - easier than the approach trail to Springer Mountain in Georgia, which rises 2,200' in eight miles (although half of that rise is in the first mile and a half). Hopefully the local training will pay off.

At Monadnock's summit it was a bit chilly, and a guy with a horse head showed up. A group of hikers I'd been following took turns getting their picture taken with him.

A look at the same group of hikers leading the descent back down.

Mount Monadnock descent, March 2, 2014

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