6 days or 6 miles, matters not...

So my wife's car backed into a pole in December. Actually, I'm the one responsible. Joe (older son) was home and wanted to go to a new independent brewery to get some sour beers (yes, that's a thing) while he was visiting from Chicago. We borrowed Deb's car, and arrived at the brewery location ... except we couldn't find it. It was that new, and independent, and in a commercial building behind a building site. There were plumbing supplies, refuse collection offices, umm, where's the brewery?

So we entered this dark, tight, parking lot, couldn't find the place and backed up - into a dark grey metal pole. What a wonderful place to put a dark grey metal pole. First accident in over 25 years. With a pole. In a garage. While driving my wife's car. Priceless!

Fast forward to today, the car (actually its an SUV) is ready near Deb's job in Hudson, and she's saying how she'll come home in my car, which she's been using, pick me up, and we'll go together to pick up her SUV.

In my new brain, I say "I can just walk over there." We do a quick check, its a bit shy of six miles.

Two months ago this would have never have crossed my mind.

Lots of people on the Appalachian Trail now, reading the blogs every day (more here if interested). Its encouraging to see Infinity, Three by Five, One Day, and others making great progress. One hiker's brother is managing a website for him (Red Beard).

Weather is still all over the place, but generally warming up.

Last night my neighbor Bob came over, full backpack in hand. I walked by his house a few days ago while he was backing up to head to work, and so walked over to say hi. He didn't recognize me in my pre-trail beard and multi-colored hiking gear (think "vertical autumn leaf pile"). It was there I learned he's an avid hiker, and he generously offered to take a look at what I was bringing for a second opinion, which I gladly accepted.

We went through both packs (mine, his) and I got a general thumbs up and some questions answered, most notably the value of a rain cover for the back pack (get it), rain pants (forget it), gaiters (still thinking), and stove (staying with my low-weight alcohol stove, but a weak point in my system?) Thanks Bob!

And to take you out, a little uphill hiking music...


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