Day one...and two

Wednesday, 3/19
Awake, it's 5 AM after hitting sack at 830 on the summit of Springer Mountain. Slept fitfully but expected that. Light rain and wind all night with just the rain now. 7+ mile hike to Hawk Mt Shelter today. Want to leave early so have lots of daylight there to cook and reorganize pack. Also need practice time setting up tent. Hopefully only temporarily lost led headlamp, think while trying to rearrange others food bags on the bear cables. Someone put 6 heavy food bags on on their cable getting tangled with my one. 


  1. Good luck on your first days Jeff.

  2. I was thinking and wondering how the first night went. I'm with you always.

  3. Nice post, Jeff. (Who hikes the AT with 6 big food bags?) (-;


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