March 25&26 - Hiawassee, GA

Trudger, Achin, and I are getting on Trail early to make the 9:15 AM Budget Inn shuttle to Hiawassee, Georgia. Trudger is off first, as he usually is. Achin and I head out, using our headlamps to help make stones and roots more visible.. There's 1/2 inch of snow on the ground when we start at 7 AM, hoping we have enough time to cover the 2.3 miles of anticipated steep down grades.

It "only" takes an hour and fifteen minutes to arrive at Unicoi Gap, as the three of us become the vanguard of a pack that will eventually become eleven. Other hikers we've seen over the last few days, having arrived the previous afternoon, are being dropped off at the trail head from their overnight stay.

The shuttle is late, and it is cold where we are. Spend a lot of time pacing trying to stay warm.

Shuttle arrives, a well used white van which manages to hold all 11 hikers, our trail packs, and the driver. We get going with the driver explaining that the van wouldn't start and it had to be hot wired. He calls the van "a collection of car parts generally moving in the same direction."

We arrive at the Budget Inn, and get our room.  Two double beds, so Achin and I agree to take turns on the floor (after sleeping in the woods, the floor is no issue).

For the next two days we've been eating, packing and repacking bags, walking the main street to see what's here, updating our respective blogs, and occasionally running into other "thrus" for animated catch ups. All the motels in town are full of hikers the locals tell us, in part because of the cold weather coming through. We try Daniels all you can eat for dinner ($7.95), the Ingles supermarket, the Dairy Queen, all the havens of big calories. The people here are really friendly, want to know what it's like to thru, and are supportive, wishing us best of luck.

Tomorrow, back for a two day run up to Dicks Creek Gap for Top of the Mountain hostel, and one more resupply before crossing into North Carolina. My guess is the three of us will try to stay together for a while until our interests dictate otherwise. HYOH -"hike your own hike."

The number of updates will slow again once we're into to NC.


  1. Stay strong and happy! Thank you for writing.

  2. "a collection of car parts generally moving in the same direction."
    Great quote!
    Make sure to keep all your parts moving in the same direction, too.
    Thinking of you with warm, snow melting wishes.


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