March 20th (out of order)

Went to bed at 730 last night, so was awake at 6. Night was cool but comfortable. Got up to get some water to cook with, got food bag down from bear cables (a luxury in Georgia), and started some oatmeal. Have cooking breakfast inside my tents vestibule so i can organize and pack at the same time in the other vestibule.

Today should be a challenging day with two peak sum Sassafras and Justus. Since there's no water resupply for about seven miles, have full supply of water in pouch (3L). Day is pretty uneventful as I'm before most are even awake (7:50), but eventually get passed or pass hikers who camped farther up the trail. 

The views are plentiful, but mostly afforded by the lack of leaves. As I did yesterday, pass through sections of rhododendrons, some of which appear ready to bloom in just a few weeks. 

Met one Georgia couple when their yellow Labrador came up to say hi. After returning to his masters to say "I checked 'em out, he's okay", it then took to sliding down the hill on its belly on the leaves.

Made it to Gooch Mountain Shelter around 2 PM, and it's comfortably warm. Strung up some line so my fleece, which got soaked catching condensation from the side of the tent, can dry out. Got water and met Count Estry (?) from northern PA doing his second thru with his wife Sunshine (first was in 1997). Continue to hike-frog with hikers such as Jan from Germany and Achin.


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