Regular phone calls from Jeff

This is Deb.
Jeff has been able to call each day since he started. He's in good spirits. He's experienced rain on the first day of hiking, cold at night, and a warm climbing day yesterday. He's shared music with a couple of twenty-somethings with a fiddler--a joy moment.

Apparently, he and his occasional walking mates are not allowed to sleep in the shelters unless they have bear canisters, which they do not. The rangers say that some people a couple weeks ahead of them have been feeding the bears (WTF?!!!!), thus the need for bear canisters. So he is doing exactly what he anticipated he would--sleeping in his tent. He's happy doing so but is amazed (and so aren't we all, yes?) that anyone would intentionally feed a bear.

Yesterday, I was supposed to mail resupply boxes that he pre-packed before he left. Thinking I was being a good do-be, I mailed them a day early. On Thursday evening, he tells me he has way too much food. Oops. Hope he finds some non-bear friends to share it with.

Thanks for coming along on the journey with Jeff and me.


  1. Deb, this is Terry Wilson-Malam. Reading through the blog after the after the Press article and will be following now. Larry is planning to walk the Camino de Santiago in Spain next year in May. I'll be in your position then!

  2. Jeff, just told me about your post, Terry. Good to "see" you out there. We should get coffee or something some time soon.


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