Wednesday, March 19 (this is out of date order)

Got up at 6 after a restless sleep, which I expected. Made oatmeal then hiked to summit to sign the book.  Returned, packed up and left a little before 9 Am.

Going eight miles to Hawk Mountain shelter. Trail was muddy from the rain,and lower half of pants and shoes got pretty muddy as well. Walk was okay, stopping a lot on inclines to catch my breath. Stopped at one point for tea and others for water and snacks. 

Arrived at shelter around 1:30, and decided to camp again.  Everything is a little wet and muddy.   Water is amount 1/3 of a mile back the way I came, and I'll need a lot for tomorrow so loaded u with 5 liters. 

Dinner was at picnic table in front of shelter. Starting to meet some of the other hikers, and most are novices too. Raman noodles and tuna. Later two hikers entertained us with banjo and fiddle playing root (mostly Appalachian folk) music. Meanwhile Billy Goat decided to impress the young women with fairly large (by Trail standards) knife by whipping it around. Cuts two of his fingers pretty severely but he manages to stop the bleeding with moss.

Best trail name reaction today was by Whisper. "I don't know why they call me that, I never shut up", to the laughter of all.


  1. Did I miss what you are yusing as your trail name?
    Your musings sound like you are working things out, and taking the bad with the good. Yeah for music!


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