March 28th - Dicks Gap

The following morning, leave at 830 and get to Dicks Gap. No phone access to see where Achin might be, so walk along the side of US 76 for a half mile to the Top of Georgia hostel.

This us a new hostel, run by a wilderness expert and thru hiker Bob "Sir Packs A Lot" Gabriels. Trudger and I get settled into our bunks while we wait for Achin, who arrives an hour later. I take the 5 Pm shuttle into Hiawasee to get resupply. Bought a huge salad at the salad bar of Ingles supermarket and eat while waiting for return shuttle, the first meaningful vegetables in a week.

Go to bed at 8 and 30 minutes later Bob comes in to the bunk house and says he's doing hot Epsom salt water with marbles to run your feet over. This sounds good, which it was.


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