May 13 - Marion, VA (530.7)

Hike started at 7, with Hermes following 40 minutes later, but we both arrived at the Partnership Shelter, 10.6 miles away, at the same time. This is just before the road leading to Marion, and only the second so far on the Trail with a shower, so I take a quick one. Hoba is here,so we chat a bit.

There is a Park Service visitors center for Mount Rogers here, with a free outside phone so we call a taxi and wait. Taxi arrives and it's a fifteen minute ride to town and the Econolodge. Hermes is texting various hikers and we find out Toasted Toad, Swiss Miss, and Nobody are also in the Econolodge. Bags, who we are also tracking, is heading further north to Bland.

We grab lunch, and resupply and settle in our room. The bed has four, count 'em, pillows. Nice.

Dinner at a nearby Mexican restaurant with other hikers, then a relatively relaxed evening on the motel balcony as we swap lies and cheer on a lightening storm. Phones light up with texts that hikers have diarrhea and vomiting at the first shelter we will go by tomorrow. We will avoid it.

Back on the Trail in the morning. 


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