May 17 - Jenkins Shelter (575.2)

- Chestnut Knob Shelter
Out at 6:45 and the morning is quite cool, takes awhile before my hands fully warm up. The morning is captivated by a long gradual ascent of 2,200 feet, culminating with Chesnut Knob Shelter, a fully enclosed, concrete, shelter built on a peak's grassy knoll. I arrive for lunch, followed within minutes by Hermes, and we enjoy it inside away from the still cool morning and accompanying breezes.

Part of the reason we setup a longer mileage day, is what appears in the Guide, a relatively flat section we hope is easier. Get on it only to deal with a rocky trail that extends for miles. Make it to the shelter around 5:15, slightly bumped up from that hike.

Tomorrow we go to Bland, hoping to find a shuttle to get us in and out, and back on the Trail the same day. 



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