May 18 - Helvey's Mill Shelter (589.2)

Today ends the first two months of this sojourn.

Thanks to Achin and Hermes in turn for providing support, laughs, and camaraderie during these last two months. They have certainly helped lessen the load, as have many AT hikers, those of you who have shared comments, and the many Trail Angels both seen and unseen. Thanks to all.

Today we stopped in Bland. Hermes got picked up by one of two trucks that were randomly giving rides to hikers, but I was too far ahead. I come back, stick out my thumb, and am picked up by the first truck going by. Father and his two teen daughters, and my first ride in the back of a pickup in a long time.

Long lunch at Subway (second sub is for tonights dinner), stop at the Dollar General to fill gaps in food bag, and then among four hikers in Bubba's shuttle for the ride back to the Trail.

We take a long afternoon in respective tents letting tired feet and legs rest. 



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