May 19 - Dismal Falls (607.3)

600 mile marker left by a previous hiker
Today was just hiking. Putting in miles, walking almost entirely in the woods, and the trail was clear except for a couple mile stretch of moderate rockiness. Relatively few hikers out. It's been said many hikers go home after Trail Days. Maybe they have?

We did cross a wooden suspension bridge, which must have taken considerable effort to build.

We also completed 600 miles.

We arrive at Dismal Falls, a popular summer swimming hole, but only Hermes and I are here. A wide rushing stream with swimming holes lead to a six foot waterfall. If we weren't going to a hostel tomorrow would be a good place to rinse out salty hiker shirts.

We know "fun" has been in short supply the last few days, but tomorrow we go to one of the better hostels on the Trail.

Deb is coming in a few more days for the weekend; can't wait. 


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