May 2 - Mountain Harbour Hostel and B&B (391.6)

Wake up at 5:45 and doze on and off while watching the sun rise. Talked to other hikers last night (Nobody, Swiss Miss, Hermes, Toasted Toad) about plans for next day. Decide to focus on a hostel nine miles away and 0.3 miles off trail, either for a light resupply, or for a night off Trail. With two rough days of hiking, and left Achilles feeling somewhat painful, think a night off Trail would be good.

Get a "late" start at 8:40 and have two decent size hills to do, both grassy. Compared to last two days much easier. Can see where the top is, the trail is pretty clear both up and over both balds. Come off second bald, and end up on a long wooded downhill with, you guessed it, large rocks. Manage through them and get to Route 19 and a light snack and water before starting down to hostel.

Up the hill comes Hermes, who sits down and agrees it's worth checking the hostel out. So down the hill we go, into a pretty stunning home. We talk to the owner who says the hostel is full but there's room in the house (B&B). We check out the rooms and agree to split one. Price includes separate beds, shared bathroom, laundry (folded!), teas, cookies, and breakfast.

After somec research on the upcoming Teail, agree to hike together for a couple days, working toward the Kincora Hotel (more on that in a later post), which will likely mean one 18+ mile day and one 6.

Dinner is down in the small town, busy there because the 7th/8th prom is that night. Go to local BBQ place, whose sole BBQ item is pulled pork, and get a 26 ounce KWL burger, which includes burger, pulled pork, big slice of ham, bacon, jalapeƱos etc. ($6), plus a side salad and fries. Eat it all except about half the fries.

Since we'll only be on trail for two days, get light supply. Back at B&B, work on getting new music on phone (have had same on it for 45 days). Headset Uncle Dan gave so generously has died due to a Trail trauma. Kept trying to start Siri randomly, like in the middle of "Hey, Jude".

"Hey, Jude, don't be afra..." (pause) "DING! Sorry, Siri not available. Please connect to the Internet." (silence)

It's either a bad headset or the ghosts of the Appalachian Trail.


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