May 20 - Woods Hole Hostel (620.4)

- Co-owner, in front, feeds the hungry hikers
We are both ready shortly after 7, a first for Hermes. There's a modest celebration. 
He's going to go ahead and secure our bunk space at the hostel, 13 miles away. Trail was more challenging today. 
I arrive just shy of 2 PM, and Hermes has signed us up for the bunkhouse, dinner and breakfast.    This is working organic farm, and am offered a smoothie on arrival. Drink this in a swing chair on the porch, looking at the cold frames filled with Spring greens and young onions, and farther at the field where free range pigs, goats, and chickens roam. 
The bunkhouse is full, so I set up my tent up the hill. Provide some laundry, take an outdoor shower, and read from the porch. 
Dinner is $13, and communal. The post-Trail Days bubble has burst and 39 show up for dinner. Big salads with greens and other bits pulled from the ample supply, and a light brown molasses bread baked in their outdoor bread oven. Main course is brown rice and a beef stir fry. But before we begin we all stand in a large circle, hold hands, introduce ourselves and say what we are thankful for (I am thankful for getting to see Deb in three days). 
Tomorrow, on to Pearisburg. Breakfast first, at 8, means a late start for the Trail. 



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