May 21 - Pearisburg, VA (630.6)

- Bovine alarm clocks
At 4 AM a diesel pickup shows up in the camp area, for what reason is anyone's guess, waking the 15 or so hikers sleeping there. He parks, apparently because it's the only parking available, and the hikers who talk to him are markedly restrained. Manage to get back to sleep.

Wake up a little before 7, and have pretty much packed up when the farm's cattle start heading past the camp area heading to another field. Talk about an alarm clock for those still sleeping.

Hermes and I agree to put into action a plan we talked about last night; we will go to Pearisburg, get a room, and slack pack the next section. Both of us are feeling physically tired, and that reducing our carry weight ahead of our three days off while Deb is here makes sense. The risk in the coming days is we rest too much, get back into the comforts of regular life, and lose the inspiration to hike. We are aware of this. Let's see how it unfolds.

We hike to Pearisburg, then to a local AYCE (all you can eat) Chinese restaurant, and finally get a ride by the owner of the MacArthur Inn, named after the WW2 general. The Inn is in the process of being renovated and our room hasn't been. It's a place to sleep.

Tomorrow, a 20+ mile slack pack. Yes, not an easy day, just easier. 


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