May 26 - Laurel Creek Shelter (668.6)

We eat breakfast at the hotel, and drive Deb's SUV out to our drop off spot on the Trail. We say our respective goodbyes, Deb gets a picture of us, and we start up the Trail around 9:15.

My pack is SO heavy; I way over bought food. With the food bag one long cylinder in my back back, by far the heaviest thing in it, and on the left side of the pack, the weight shifts around in the pack. Spend time cinching up straps to keep from wobbling down the Trail.

Two descents ascents, rocky trail, means relatively slow progress. We make our shelter just before 7 PM. Eat a seven ounce pack of chicken (!) with my ramen.

For you hikers still working your way up from GA, TN, and NC, don't listen to people who say Virginia is flat or easy. It's neither. You will likely be in good trail shape by the time you get here, and able to do longer days, but don't expect an easy time of it.


  1. I read an article the other days that postulated that anyone who says that Virginia is flat either a) is batshit crazy or b) has never hiked in Virginia.

    I'd agree with that sentiment, having just crossed into PA.


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