May 27 - The Adventure Ends

I left the Trail today.

Started out like any other morning, but as it proceeded became more and more sure that I was done. They say don't quit on a bad day, and it wasn't a bad day. Have known my interest was pretty much gone, that the hike was less interesting, and goals I had set were either achieved, or likely not achievable on the Trail. Checked to see if any of the de-motivators were active; too little food, water, sleep. They were all good. Just finally and fully lost interest in what was over the next hill or in the next town. And hiking four more months to get rep for a thru just not strong enough.

Turned around and said goodbye to hikers like Jolly Jumper, Songbird, Bypass as they still headed north. Hard saying goodbye to Hermes, my stalwart hiking partner. We sat down for thirty minutes talking about it, my motivation is gone. He's continuing on.

Got a ride into Christiansburg from a nearby B&B owner, and start my trip back home Thursday (options are limited), and back Friday morning if all goes well.

I feel good.  More later.


  1. Sorry to hear this, as I was living vicariously, but anyone who exhorts you do anything but what's right for you is blowing smoke.

    If you need anything, yell. I could drive to the Blacksburg area to get you to transportation, if necessary.

  2. Sorry to hear this as well. Congratulations on what you accomplished on the Trail. Some of the memories and friendships will likely carry through for the rest of your life. See you around Harvard, perhaps.


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