May 3 - Moreland Gap Shelter (410.5)

The breakfast part of the B&B was pretty amazing. Hikers know this, because they started arriving off Trail to participate. Over 20 people and no one walked away hungry. Three eggs dishes (plain, cheese, veggies), a whole sliced ham, sliced strawberries, thick crispy French toast with a warm honey-pecan syrup, fresh biscuits, etc. this breakfast is worth it ($10 if not in the B&B). Mary, the owner, puts a lot of love in this meal. 

Hermes and I pack up and hike together for the day, working to put in 18.8 miles with what for me, out at 9:30 and at the trail at 9:40, is a late start. We push pretty hard, getting to the first shelter, 9.3 miles, in three and a half hours. The trail is pretty clear and we go through some nice spring fields. 

See Mozey at the shelter, and take a leisurely hour long lunch. Back on the trail, the focus is getting miles since it's 2:30 already. Trail is pretty straight forward, a nice change. More forgiving ups and downs, less rocks/roots/stairs to deal with. Go by a view just before the shelter, pass by, "Nice view." says Hermes, "Yes." I agree as we barely look at it. 

The shelter is small, four settling in there, and another 10 or so camped nearby. 

Got a brief text, Achin is returning to the Trail on Monday. Read his blog on Trailjournals to learn more. Since he's restarting in Erwin, back where he left, may not catch up since I'm now 70+ miles away at this point.


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