May 6 - Iron Mountain Shelter (440.8)

The two pack lift
We get dropped of at the same spot we slacked from yesterday at 9:15. We have a 4.7 mile hike up to the Vandeventer Shelter, and as before the beginning is steeper at the start. The shelter is a small, six person shelter but behind it is a natural rock formation with a huge vista below. Two lakes, one from the dam, and a small town. We sit and eat half our Subway subs, and I call Ame (brother in law) and get to talk to him after playing tag for a couple weeks.

Hermes decides to take a nap, but I continue on with the hopes of making our shelter around 4 PM. It is hot today, I'm sweating buckets, and drinking lots of water. Getting close to a campground and water source, and see a young woman sitting down. It's June Bug, we'd met at the previous shelter, and her left foot is in so much pain she can't walk. I hoped that Hermes nap was short and he was back on Trail, so sent him a couple texts so he'd be prepared, and walked back up Trail hoping to find him. No luck, so decide to just sit with her until more help comes along.

We wait and wait. Toasted Toad comes up and joins us, as does another hiker. After discussion we decide to help her to the nearby campground since she can both rest and get water there. Toasted and the other hiker carry her backpack and we get there in good time. Meet Nobody and Swiss Miss slacking the other way, and they will let Hermes know what's happening. He arrives, says I'm retired, I'm doing this as a Good Samaritan, I'm not an orthopedist, but I'll do the best I can. Her condition basically warrants leaving the Trail for a while. Another friend of hers arrives and says he'll help her, so we bid her good luck and continue on.

Shelter is pretty empty, we re-meet Husker who's another friend of June Bug, and he hurries back the four miles to see if he can help. The area eventually fills with 12 or so hikers, including what is an increase in 20's who are pushing big (20+) mile days.

We have 16 or more to do tomorrow ourselves. 


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