May 8 - Damascus, VA (467.1)

Crossing into Virginia
Get up and on trail at 7 AM for the final push into Virginia and Damascus. Hit the border at 9:30 and give loud whoops of pleasure for finally making it. Hermes comes up behind and we take turns getting pictures. Separate again as we finish Trail into town.

Run into one local hiker who wants to tell me about finding his first poisonous snake on the Trail as a "kee-id", and another who is clearing away branches that hit him on the head. I chat a moment then continue briskly on only to hear a minute later a loud crack followed by an "Owwww!" He's talking to someone a moment later so apparently okay.

Has the potential for another warm day, but we are going through early enough to avoid the sweat buckets. Get into town, with the Trail exiting between two peoples houses. We meet Oompah and chat a bit near a children's play area, then make our way down the street to our destination, the Victorian B&B. It is just that, a Victorian style home with furnishings from or reminiscent of that time. Very comfortable private rooms, it's just the two of us as guests.

Head out to lunch at the "Blue Blaze", and see hikers from the Trail (Aunt Eek, Vagabond Jack, Nobody, Swiss Miss, Toasted Toad, etc.). Good lunch of steak and cheese sub and side salad. Seriously need vegetables.

Take advantage of comfortable room and warm weather to take a relaxing two hour nap.
Find a bathroom scale and come in at 161, which if accurate has total weight loss so far at 34 pounds. Trying to eat more, must...try...harder!

Lots of hikers in town, keep running into those that literally haven't seen in weeks. After not finding the BBQ place others are meeting for dinner, go back to the Blue Blaze for a Carnivores pizza. Manage to eat half, and share other with Hermes when I get back.

Peaceful night. 


  1. I think I weigh the most in the family now! The son usurps the father!

    1. Your trail name can be Chubby


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