May 9 - Damascus, VA (467.1)

First zero since leaving Erwin TN eleven days ago, and possibly the last zero before Deb comes for Memorial Day weekend. Breakfast was plentiful with eggs, a waffle with blueberries, fresh fruit mix, coffee and OJ.

Went to Post Office and picked up the rest of the Guide Deb mailed, then went to outfitter for some equipment changes. Got a trail hat to give better sun and rain protection, pair of light hiking shorts, Teva sandals (sending heavier Crocs home), and trail food.

Return to room then (later) Post Office again to mail home 6.5 pounds of winter gear; winter parka, thermals, hat, gloves, Crocs. Should lighten backpack a lot plus open up more space inside as well.

Gabe treats for lunch at Mexican styled cafe, spinach salad with chicken and then a shrimp taco. Pringles all afternoon. Foot long meatball sub for dinner. I'm trying to eat!

Next week at this time, Trail Days, the largest AT and hiking festival will be here, with 15,000 or more expected. If I finish the Trail this year, then perhaps I'll be back next to participate in the Hiker's Parade.

Tomorrow we begin heading toward Marion VA, about five days away (63 miles).


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