Monday, June 9th - Glenn Brook shelter (1509.8)

My 80+ year old parents get up at 5:30 AM so we could be on the road around 6 for the one hour drive to Salisbury, CT, about six miles south on the Trail of the Massachusetts border. We arrive at my targeted time of 7 AM, and took me about 10 minutes to get my rain gear on because showers had begun.

The trail at the start was ideal. Clear, smooth, and made for hiking. The first hill for the day, Bear Mountain, is only a modest 1600 feet vertical from where I began and presented a fairly rocky ascent. The real surprise is on the backside, which has a very sharp and challenging descent over boulder-size rocks. There were similar situations over next two hills, modest verticals and with lots of rocks. This is creates the usual challenge for ankles and knees, and I’m working with one (inexpensive) trekking pole which will only extend part way. Takes time going down hill.

See five day hikers, all southbound, and two are sharing cookies which is a nice mid-hike surprise.

The day provides some real nice views, and despite the rocks I maintain good spirits throughout the day. 

The shelter, campground area, that I am currently in is empty except for myself. This is a first. Luckily it also comes with a bear box so I can store my food safely without searching for a tree with a suitable limb to string food bag from.


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