Tuesday, June 10 - The ankles say enough

Get up in good mood after experiencing rain overnight. The tent handles rain well, and I'm on the Trail earlier than usual, about 6:30.

Next hill mirrors yesterday, a collection of large and small rocks, a fair amount of scrambling to get up on one side, and the more challenging on ankles and knees, down on the other. Unlike similar situations in the south, these boulder-sized rocks frequently offer little alternative other than to sit down and scootch down versus trekking.

See one thru-hiker who started his hike in Georgia, but forget his Trail name (didn't recognize it from Trailjournals).

After completing descent, my ankles and knees particularly on the left side, are basically screaming at me. Come to the realization they did not receive enough recovery time after stopping in Virginia, and will likely be an issue. Decide that discretion, and all that, and call for a ride back from my parents. They gladly and quickly show up 45 minutes later, and I'm back in Harvard a few hours later after driving myself across the state.

Hobble into the house, and Deb and I agree the knees and ankles look pretty puffy. Rest.

Got about five more miles in today, and 13+ yesterday. Still running a bit shy of 700 for the year.


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