Almost ready, almost there...

Almost everything is here and most is in my backpack. Still waiting on a new pair of flip flops for camp "shoes" which arrive today and also need more Snickers (1 mountain = 1 Snickers).

Other than that, just waiting for Monday. Found a shuttle driver who will meet me at Roanoke airport, and if all goes well should be on the Trail around 3:30 or so. Four miles to closest shelter for an easy day hike before starting in earnest.

Have been in touch with Gabe, and the serendipity of it all is pretty amazing. He's just south of where I'm entering and we're going to meet up and get some hiking in together. Gabe is the second of my hiking partners from 2014, and this year is "Sketch" in honor of his using an iPad to draw his way north. More on his blog

Must be ready to go. Waking up at dawn (5 AM or earlier).


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