Bah-you-na Vista

Saturday and Sunday, June 18 & 19
Buena Vista VA (795.2)

Up early and working hard to get to Buena Vista. This includes three elevations, culminating at Bluff Mountain (3,372).

Call to Motel to make reservation, and then to shuttle driver for pick up. At motel at 1:30.

Unpack, then start off in hunt for lunch, and then the Maury River Fiddle Festival, an annual event.

Doesn't take too long to long to realize how spread out this town of 6,000 is. Most trail towns are compact, this isn't. Lunch place (Mexican) is 1.1 miles away and the Fiddle Festival is over three. So much for a restful day.

Town is tired, little apparent industry, and home to a state university campus. It doesn't have the feel of an energized college town, but it's also summer.

Fiddle Festival is interesting. Afternoon event is a series of amateur competitions, such as solo bluegrass instrumental. All the acts are from somewhere on Virginia, including towns near the Trail I recognize.

Youth fiddle competition (banjo is accompaniment)
Watch the headliner's early set then head back to motel, Hardee's burger in tow.

Sunday is a similar, longer-than-anticipated walk to get groceries. With resupply done, watch James Bond movie marathon, eat carb/fat heavy junk food, and doze. Set up up 7:20 AM pickup tmw to get back on trail. Next big stop is shy of 60 miles away at Waynesboro, the last town before Shenandoah National Park.

Hopefully there Friday or Saturday, and will meet up with Gabe this section. He says he's close.

Random mushrooms on a random log.


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