Hostel Gabe

Friday, June 24
Stanimals 328 Hostel (861.3)

At 5:00 AM our two long distance thrus jump up and start jamming bags together to leave, followed by our next long distance hiker.

I decide to get up since I either need to do 16 miles to get to the next shelter, or 21 to get to the road into Waynesboro. Despite yesterday's rains, the sky is blue, but as dawn appears the sky is red. Red sky in morning, sailor take warning...

I come out strongly and am making good time. Trail is surprisingly rocky, with many rock slides to navigate through. Get nice signal and able to talk to Deb about the prior day. Turns out she's watching the weather and it may be bad today as well.

Gabe and I have also been texting, he's very close, and there's a possibility he will be in Waynesboro today. After some back and forth, and me working miles hard, decide to just call him. He lets me know that he and three others are getting a shuttle into town as bad rains are expected beginning at 2 PM.

With this news redouble efforts to get to the shelter, 5.2 miles away and its 12:10. Zipping along and watch skies shift between light and dark. Don't want to get wet if possible. Making good time, but begin wondering if I too can manage getting shuttle to Waynesboro.

As luck would have it, find a side trail that goes to a parking lot, so call shuttle Gabe is using and this shuttle driver, who also runs a hostel, manages to get his wife to come.  Need to hike up to parking lot, a quick jaunt, and wait while a multiple generation Mennonite family enjoys a picnic break. The eldest talks with me for a bit, usual questions about the trail.

Wife picks me up, and is kind enough to stop at WalMart where I get a replacement iPad.

Arrive at the hostel soon after which is a house in a residential area. The bunk room is in the basement, and there's Gabe, stretched out on a bunk. We are both glad to see each other, with Gabe saying how many times he thought he was in range to catch up to me on trail, and I'd squirt off again. We are in agreement to begin hiking together again, which will start with SNP which he has done before. Looking forward to it.

Dinner at a local pub with three other hikers, and as we finish the rain comes with unusual vigor, as if angered we had somehow escaped it's fury.


  1. Hi Jeff! Just wanted you to know that I am so enjoying the stories from your journey and glad you are staying healthy and relatively dry. Take care & keep em' comin'. xoxo, paige

    1. Thanks Paige. Pretty much caught up, hope to be out of Shenandoah this weekend and out of VA (finally) early next week. Jeff


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