Monday, June 13
Cove Mountain Shelter (752.5, 77.5)

Straight day of hiking. Trails here are forgiving, and more like the paths I thought the AT would be about before I ever got on the AT.

Trail was paralleling park roads for the morning, and every so often the trail would cross the road to get an overview. Don't see my first hiker until mid-morning.

Run into Jeargen, a South African ex-auditor who's thinking through a career move on his first trip to the States. He's off to a shelter beyond my target. Stop at the first shelter, figuring I'll doze for a bit, eat, get water. Finish eating and "Tayonce", also at the shelter last night, arrives with her border collie "Blue". Her trail name is a mix of singers Taylor Swift and Beyonce's, and she said she didn't name her dog after her, but notes Beyonce's daughter's name is Blue.

At shelter am alone up to this writing (usually done at 7 PM). Run another fire to give any bears in the area pause.


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