Now's the time to learn bongos, man

Thursday, June 9
Catawba Mountain shelter (709.7, 34.6)

Finished my 800th AT mile today.

Day was interesting in that the trail had some contrasts. Early on had a lot of field walking, which I like because you have things to look at, unlike in the woods where there's a sameness. Another hilly day, but with overall mileage expected to be low, took my time. Finally found cell coverage so talked with Deb, texted Joe, and caught up on email.

Track heads toward stiles, and then back into the woods

Pretty sure I need to replace my tent, but can't get to a town that has an outfitter until late Saturday, likely as they are closing. It's 21 miles away, too far to do in one stretch at this time. So 6 tomorrow, rest on Saturday. Will stay in town one day or perhaps two.

Because of hike, have been in camp area pretty much alone for most of the afternoon. Caught up on sleep (some person really, really needed to play bongos outside the community building at 11 PM last night - bump thap bump bump thap thap bump). Quiet dinner, hikers are coming in now (7 PM).

A little hard to see, but its a garter (?) snake reducing the toad population by one.


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