Puppy Mill

Wednesday, June 15
Cornelius Creek Shelter (764.4, 87.4)

At some point last night rose up to turn over, put my hand on my iPad (which is what I write this blog on), and broke the screen. Still working, but looks ugly and runs the risk of chips of glass breaking off.

Got up at usual time, and Susan gave me a ride back to trailhead after settling my bill. I had noted a letter on their wall, with the owner in 1947 writing to CBS about doing a broadcast from the then hunt club. Susan said it had been pretty famous in its time, with politicians and others from D.C. traveling there for hunts. It later became a tomato farm, complete with cannery, and then a campground under Mr. Camp in the '60s. No clarity how she and her gained ownership.

On Trail at 7:30, and expecting (and receiving) a hilly day. 1,000 feet in the first mile, down again to 1,200 feet to rise to 3,500. I stop midway and get a snack, talk to a guy who helps build the Trail but is now hiking. He's working to complete his AT thru hike he began in 1978. 100 miles this time, then he has everything north of Bear Mountain in N.Y. to finish.

Finish at 1:30, somewhat low on water but generally relaxed.  Would continue further but the  next shelter has had bear problems, is now closed, and the one beyond that is too far.

"Puppy Mill" is here after finishing 18 miles (already!).  She wanted to get ahead of the rain forecast for the day. She got her name after one young man became infactuated, but she wasn't interested and her friends thought he looked like a hurt puppy. Happened again with another young man, so that's how she got her trail name.

We chat amicably, other hikers arrive, including a payroll  accountant and a opera singer. They've been hiking around each other and chatter on a far ranging topics (including the adrenaline rush one gets hiking up steep inclines when talking about Donald Trump).

Rains have begun, first real rain since on the Trail and in my new tent. Thinking about trying 20 miles tomorrow ahead of Gabe's pending reunion.

When its raining, and in tent, look up to see this. Its a storage area, now holding paper map in a plastic bag.


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