Thursday, June 16
Matt's Creek Shelter (784.3, 105.1)

Started day cool, and up a steep hill, one of several today, and although started cool, day got quite hot.

Heading toward peak after being rained on. The clouds are receding off the mountain as the rain ends.

The Guillotine. Rumor has it they are going to destroy the rock because it might fall.

Stopped here for lunch. A bit windy but a great view.

My iPad screen is slowly breaking up, and not sure how much longer can keep using it.

Another day of hiking and being reminded how boredom set in. Not sure where Gabe is and hoping to get in to town soon to resupply, shower, feed, the usual.

(I'm posting this on Saturday night, and iPad is pretty close to done.)


  1. Oh, snap! I find my iPad mini is fun t use. Less weight.


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