Up up and away

Tuesday, June 21, 2016
Seeley-Woodworth Shelter (820.1)

Rain expected today, and first of it arrives around 8:15. Since thunderstorms are expected early, am trying to get over Cove Mountain (a different one) before they arrive. Rain stops and I get to top of Cove as clouds are withdrawing from this grass covered summit. Get some good pictures.

Am shooting for first shelter, 10 miles away, in the hope of getting tucked in before heavier rains arrive. Am able to do so, arriving at 1:30, tent up by 2:30 and rains arrive soon after.

Not much to do with rain except doze and wait. Can watch the flies and other small flying bugs that have caught themselves under the tent's (outer shell) fly, but they are not imaginative and try the same escape routes over and over to no avail. Up, up, always up.

The rain ends at seven.


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