An Italian can most certainly include Roast Beef

Tuesday, July 12, 2016
Waynesboro, PA (1063.8)

Ame and Lisa get us fed, Ame goes off to work and Lisa drives us back to the trail.

We would have taken the wheels of cheese, but they were a bit heavy (Sketch, Paul Bunion, Ame)

Lisa, Sketch at trailhead

When on trail, I keep about 6-8 pages of AWOL's Guide in my pocket, in a plastic bag, for quick reference. Regrettably, these pages were still in my pocket last night when we did laundry, which turned into a rumbled white and black ball of pulp. As a primary, and now my sole resource (unless I ask Gabe), I am using Guthook's Guide which sits on my phone.

Another old AT sign, with total miles nearly 200 under current total.

Hikers looking for ride (left), other hikers greet pizza delivery dude (right). Hikers on left convinced pizza delivery dude to give them a ride. 

Relatively quick hike, we are heading to Waynesboro, PA for a nearo and a zero and staying at the Burgundy Lane B&B in the center of town. Trail dumps into a state park, where some hikers wait for a ride while others greet a pizza delivery man. I get to enjoy the sandwich that Ame and Lisa procured the ingredients for. 

Italian cold cuts with roast beef. Yum!

Sketch calls the B&B owner for a ride (included with the cost of stay), and he turns out to be an Air Force veteran as well (1969-73). They talk service and swap acronyms.

The B&B has single King sized beds in every room except one, a pink-heavy room called "Katherine's Retreat" which has two twins. Our host says something along the line of "I hope you're comfortable with your manliness in here." 

Sketch hands me a magazine so he can take a picture for his wife, emphasizing my face - in concert with? - in contrast to? - the headline "Secrets to Aging Gracefully".

Long distance hiking and trail mix, of course.

Waynesboro is one spread out town. I walk most of the downtown area, to the supermarket (about a mile away) and back. Its hot but without a pack, and slurping on a 16 ounce chocolate malt shake from a local hamburger place, do quite well.

Dinner is at a surprisingly good and personable Sushi/Korean restaurant. 

Not sure why its so misty, maybe just our hiker aura.


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