Cloud and Princess Macaroni

Monday, July 12
Wolfsville Road (1054.0)

We have one goal today, to get down to our rendezvous point with brother-in-law Ame for an overnight at his house. He recently moved to the Fredrick Md area from Texas.

A couple miles from the campground is an early memorial to George Washington. Built by residents of Boonesboro in 1827, it went through several iterations before being restored to its original design by the CCC in 1934-36.

Looking like an old fashioned milk bottle, it has a series of stone stairs that lead to a landing that provides a panorama to the valley below. Meet a dad who tells me his step dad used to take him here, so he'd taken the day off to show his teenage daughter. They were off to Gettysburg next.

Hike goes well, ahead of schedule by hours.

Hiker bridge over U.S. 70

Homeowner directs wayward hikers to the trail.

Trail sometimes goes under highways.
Interesting bug. Just sat there.
Arrive at end point and there's - trail magic. This time it's two hikers from last year, Cloud and Princess Macaroni. They met on the trail, are visiting in the area before heading off to Colorado for her school. Beer, candy, Gatorade, toilet paper. Let Ame know we are ready when he is, and settle in to wait.

Princess Macaroni, two thru hikers (forget names), Sketch and Cloud (knees).

He arrives 40 minutes later, and we are at his house about the same amount later. Will spare detail, but get cleaned up, laundry done, great meal, and a brief supply run.

All is good.


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