Sunday July 3, 2016
Front Royal, VA (969.1)

Rain arrived overnight but not heavy, and gone by the time to get out. Foot pretty sore but going to hike on it even if a little slow. Off at 6:45.

Hike is more of the same. Almost all in the forest, elevations and descents are in hundreds of feet versus thousands, and foot pain is manageable. Gabe catches up about three miles from trailhead we are working towards.


The northern end of the SNP, we're done!

Heading down to Route 522 and our shuttle to town.

We arrive there (Route 522), try hitch hiking briefly, but switch to calling in a shuttle ($3 per). We drop one hiker off ("Skip" from England) at a motel and as heading toward ours, with our windows down to reduce "hiker aura", pass an outdoor bbq whose smoke wallows into the van. Barbecued ribs! Must have, must have...

Staying a Quality Inn for two and eventually three nights, in part to heal foot but also fatten up a little. Unpack and agree going back down road to find bbq. Find it in front of store front location of "Two Fat Butchers".  They're closing up, have no place to eat, but buy a half rack of short ribs. Decide to eat as we head back. See a barbershop, Gabe needs some cleaning up, so stop there before heading back.

Ribs are perfect. Smoked well before sauce added, a delight after trail food and Wayside burgers.

Sketch loses some of his transient aura.


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