Saturday, July 16, 2016
Harrisburg, PA (1,112.4)

Start early as per usual, and this will be the final day of this section hike. Breakfast was pretty light, two formerly frozen "Eggo" waffles, coffee, and juice.

Leaving Pine Furnace

Motor through the first seven miles and am at the James Fry Shelter (1109) at 10:30 for water and a light lunch. Have hit my still injured left foot three times already with varying shades of pain.

Novel "signs" on trees direct to water and shelter.

Am shooting for Boiling Springs at the Alec Kennedy Shelter (1117), which will leave four miles the next day before going into Harrisburg, but at road crossing at Sheet Iron Reef Road (1112) decide enough is enough. Its hot and humid again, have banged up my left foot a couple more times coming through rocks, and see little value to pushing for ten more miles.

Waiting on Sketch, with trail shirt and bandanas drying.

Text Sketch, he's fine with an early entry into Harrisburg. Arrange for a shuttle and settle in to wait for Sketch's arrival while checking hotel. Place I have a reservation has rooms, but price has increased. Hope we can deal with changing the reservation when we get there. Change Amtrak ticket from Monday to Sunday.

Sketch arrives, talk through change, and I call driver who arrives shortly there after. Get to hotel, looking just a bit out of place with our hiker garb and aura, walking in past people dressed up for some formal event.

Despite reservation for tomorrow and apparent availability today, hotel is out of rooms, but may be able to squeeze us in but have to wait 20 minutes. Start looking for another, which Sketch finds at a nearby Hilton, so we switch. Turns out there's a state-wide American Legion conference going on based there, putting pressure on the few hotels in town.

"Sorry sir, we just ran out of rooms."

Clean up, have a "first dinner" at hotel bar, then go out to walk some since this is the state capitol. See that building, plus others, and return to hotel for second dinner of steak.

Sensory overload. Oysters, IPA, chicken wings.

State capitol, Sketch for scale.

Town is pretty quiet for a Saturday.


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