Scouted Out

Friday, July 8
David Lesser Memorial Shelter (1013.8)

Wander upstairs from bunk room at 6:30, following the smell of coffee, step into the kitchen and a hiker offers a plate of freshly made pancakes. That plus coffee is a nice way to start the day.

On trail at 7:00 and have four plus miles of Rollercoaster left to do. Morning is cooler than yesterday, but still with humidity so shirt gets drenched again but get through otherwise unscathed. While doing so, cross the Virginia-West Virginia border. This is somewhat symbolic, since trail actually follows the border for several miles, but it's nice to finish Virginia finally.

The northern end of the Rollercoaster.

Can't say I'll miss you, Virginia!

Four miles later is the Blackburn ATC center, and I'm curious what's there, so head down hill to see it. Although guide says its 0.2 miles away, feels closer to twice that.

There are several buildings here. A hiker shelter, sheltered picnic table, main house, caretakers house and a solar shower. The house has a screened-in porch with several  picnic tables. The caretaker turns out to be the same trail volunteer who was putting in privy a couple days ago. Turns out he's the trail boss for this section of the trail, and his wife (also a caretaker) is the current chair of the ATC.

Decide to stay for lunch, semi unpack inside porch, and eat. As finishing, sky opens up and a very hard rain falls for about 30 minutes. Gives me a chance to talk to both caretakers.

Fill up on water here since its from a well, because shelter we are heading to water source is half a mile downhill.

Gabe and I previously agreed to stay at the David Lesser shelter, which I'm at around 3 PM. Hikers we have been around, Skip and Rambler are here, and they say a Boy Scout troop is going to be camping here that night. Gabe ("Sketch") decides to stay at the Blackburn for the night and will meet up in Harper's Ferry tomorrow.

Decide to stay in shelter, which is spacious. A day hiker from the night before left their brand new tent here after deciding it was too heavy.


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