July 4 and 5, 2016
Front Royal, VA (969.1)

We are here for a bit longer than planned, in part to help foot heal. There's no particular celebration for the Fourth, but fireworks are legal here so there's banging and whistling at night.

On the 5th, cousin John and Joanne come to visit and treat for lunch. We walk into town at a local restaurant, a former mill, which serves some great food.  Great to get caught up. We walk around, check out the town's Confederate war memorial, and a couple stores. I tell them I'm probably the first family member to walk to visit them. A great visit.

For dinner, we decide to walk to a local steak place. This is one of the great truths about the Trail, nothing comes to you. This is a two or three mile walk on a reasonably busy road system. Arrive, a bit run down facility but we sit down at the bar empty except for one regular, and order. Two really nice rib eyes with salads and potatoes.  Take a picture to capture how we are roughing it on the Trail.

Back on tomorrow.

John (first cousin) and Joanne (awesome wife) Huggins

Took this for Sketch's wife, so she'd see he's trying to stay well rested.


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