Sushi too

Wednesday, July 13, 2016
Waynesboro, PA (1063.8)

A down day, a "zero", where we basically doze, graze, resupply, doze, and graze. 

Choice! A wonderful thing.

Shot the picture above for Sketch, a rarity so far. One of the challenges of distance hiking is getting a variety of food in a size that is manageable. Pretty easy to buy peanuts, but its usually in a 1/2 ounce package or a half-pound (or larger) package. With a bulk food section, you can get a size that's right for the trail and with the variety so frequently craving.

We return to the Sushi-Korean place for dinner again (few choices in the downtown area that aren't fast food), and the owners know us, put us in the exact same spot at the sushi bar, and remember what we ordered. Amazing.

Back to the Trail in the morning, no more time off Trail until this section hike is done.


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