Wringing Out

Wednesday, July 6th
Dick's Dome Shelter (984.3)

This is the first of a series of days where summer has definitely arrived in Virginia. Our shuttle driver comes a few minutes late, but we are on trail just before 9. It's already humid and a bit warm.

Moving well but as per usual have over bought food, so pack is a bit heavy, and carrying extra water given conditions. Hike past the Jim and Molly Denton Shelter although it is renowned as one of the best on the trail. Push on to the Manassas Gap Shelter (979.8) for lunch. Eat, but sweating buckets. Shirt totally soaked, shorts not much better. Easily 95 degrees with little breeze. Wring shirt out, first time since being on trail where sweat and grime just leech out in streams. Nasty, but shirt a little better afterwards.

Make our final destination shelter and switch to dry spare shirt once cooled off. Wring out shirt (again) and bandana (around head under hat), eat and settle down to try and keep cool as a windless night settles in.

This is a new shelter being built, about 200 yards from the current albeit older one. Workers have left their sling back chairs, which we use gratefully. Set up our tents without flys (outer rain shell) to get a cooler nights sleep. We also have use of a picnic table, which is used by other tenting hikers nearby.

I hear a bear around 2 PM, in the woods to right of where my tent is pointing. Is curious apparently but wanders on.

Tent only.

Getting shuttle ride to trail head. 

Walkway for what must often be a wet section.

Pretty, but open fields this time of year are particularly hot.


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