Handy AT Tools

With one month to go before getting back on the AT, thought I'd share a few tools if you’re planning on following along, or getting on the trail yourself!

The “AT Trail Map” is an interactive topographical map, great for finding locations along the trail. You can search by name, or more accurately, longitude and latitude coordinates. 

If you click on the icon that looks like a stack of papers (upper right of your screen), you can turn on the layers that will expose things like shelter locations.

If you do use the longitude and latitude to find a location – be warned, the AT Shelters guide (next) is in the opposite order, so you’ll need to convert to longitude/latitude when using the AT Trail Map.
AT Shelters” provides a list of all active shelters, but as noted above, as latitude and longitude.

The “Appalachian Trail Distance Calculator” does just that, find a starting and ending point and get the mileage between.


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