Bring out your dead!

Monday, May 15
Unofficial Campsite (1163)

Having difficulty with battery which I use to replenish power to my phone and tablet. It's not holding charge well, and since I'm hiking alone, want to be able to stay in touch with Deb regularly. Figure best solution is to find a post office in a Trail town I'll be passing, and have Deb send a package there with another battery, plus a watch. 

Initially plan on post office in Port Clinton, about 5 days away, so set my hike objective today for an unofficial campsite which is in both guides. It's a bit more than 12 miles away. 

Bid farewell to "Miss Pink", an obviously overwhelmed (though I doubt she'd admit it) hiker, off for a five week adventure from Michigan. She arrived after I wrote up last nights post. Her pack looks about the size of an adolescent orangutan. She's in good spirits, so there's that. 

Will-dah-beast is here too, another late arrival, and he's sleeping in.

Highlight of the hike is seeing what appear to be seven Turkey Vultures, perched on a dead tree overlooking a valley. One would leave riding the thermals, followed gradually by the others, able to go great distance without much flapping of wings. 

There are turkey vultures on either side of the tree

I return to the trail and moments later look up and can make them out above me through the still emerging leaves, maybe making sure I wasn't dead yet. 

Stop at a nice shelter for lunch, a double decker (Peters Mountain Shelter, 1158). Built by a family in memoriam of a 20 year old son. 

Today is warmer, and I'm doing more miles per day than I'd originally hoped. Let's just say one foot and one knee are not entirely happy. 

Reach campsite. No water here, but brought extra knowing that. Small fire to let any bears know, if any, it's a place to avoid. Figure that Pine Grove, PA is a better place to coordinate a pick up at a post office, and work with Deb to do so as phone charge drops below 50%. 

Sunset. Will-dah-beast shouts out as he passes but is going on. A quiet, restful night despite being totally alone. 

Food bag hung against raccoons (expected), not bears (not expected)


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