Last trail to Clarksville

Sunday, May 14
Clarks Ferry Shelter (1151)

(The name of this shelter is a mystery, as it's 1,400 vertical feet and 3+ Trail miles from the Susquehanna river.)

Up at 6:30 and on trail at 7:00. 

Trying to figure out whether to go to Duncannon PA for a night or push on to a shelter. In Duncannon is the AT-Famous "Doyle Hotel". It is pretty widely known as a place to get a burger, cheap beer, and questionable but inexpensive accommodations. New Kon, who lives nearby, encourages that I skip it, saying even the owners don't think anyone should stay there. He also says Clarks Ferry shelter is his favorite with a good spring nearby.

The Trail is getting increasingly rocky, with some elevations, which leads to slower hiking. Arrive in Duncannon at noon, stopping at a market for some milk (feeling a need for more protein). Walk down the street past the Doyle and find a bench to figure out what to do. Decide better to push on. Walk to a truck stop where I find over-the-counter reading glasses. In three days I broke one set and lost the other. Buy Subway sub, eat half and back up the other. 

Back to the road, crossing the Susquehanna river by a thruway bridge. At the end, cross train tracks and up a steep, rock-stepped climb back into the forest. 

Eyed Click Beetle, or Alaus oculatus.

Duncannon from the south

Rough and steep 3+ miles, and  slow going as I'm trying to get Trail legs back and I'm a bit tired. Get to shelter and so far (6:41 PM) no one else is here. Hang up tent parts to dry them out from two nights ago. Walk down to spring New Kon said would be there, and rinsed some dirt and sweat out of hiking clothes. Doubt they'll fully dry overnight.