Rain then Terrain

Saturday, May 13
Darlington Shelter (1136)

The backpackers site from last night is next to freight trains and tracks, and about a dozen go by at night. 

Also, rained all night. 

Up at 6, get the wet tent packed along with everything else and am on the Trail at 6:30. Go back to ATC center to get under porch, eat and orient to the maps. Still raining, and head off around 7. 

The Trail follows the road briefly, then tucks into the woods. Today is similar to yesterday in that again crossing lots of farmland. The Trail is generally flat until getting closer to the Darlington shelter. The approach is hilly and rocky, but was forewarned of this by Gabe / "Sketch" from notes he provided last year. 

Young steer say "howdy"

Although I'm the first one here, at about 2:30, others arrive. Papa Yeti, his hiking partner from 2015 "New Kon", and "Maps", who turned out to be another hiker from last night, "Will-Dah-Beast" and his son. A couple from Australia arrive, but I missed their Trail names. Maps left to try for a shelter 15 miles away. New Kon started a fire. 

I was asleep at 8:15. 


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